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The internet has commoditized even the most everyday objects and flooded markets across different industries. As a result, consumers see less value in what they buy as brands opt for convenience over quality.

One of the industries most affected by this shift is the furniture space. Even so, the practice of interior design has never been more popular. There’s a real desire from consumers to beautify their homes yet few brands willing to sacrifice mass production in the name of craft.

Design Within Reach, the world’s premier furniture retailer, looked to serve this need in the market. The team approached us with a vision for a digital experience that merged utility, thoughtful design, and inspiration to help the DWR customer curate the home of their dreams.


Our strategic approach was to position the brand’s offering as service, not just product. Through improved utility and relevant content, we helped DWR bring a personal touch to the home.

Ultimately, we put the power in the hands of the customers by allowing them to author their own designs. The new reimagines an eCommerce platform as a digital showroom—an interactive experience tailored to customers’ individual tastes.

"Nos sentimos muy tranquilos durante la realización de nuestra tienda online, el soporte es increíble y da mucha confianza que sean Shopify partners certificados, totalmente recomendados"

Deyanira Suarez
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